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The application of Jewels 4 Pools as a render is as simple as it gets. The application can be carried out by any competent applicator and the method is no different from that of any other standard exposed aggregate plaster finish.

  • As a general rule the crystal is mixed with pure white or off white cements at a ratio of 2 parts aggregate to 1 part cement.
  • Geo polymer is added at 500mls per 20kg of cement. The addition of Geo Polymer will greatly improve the workability of the plaster.
  • Geo Polymer has been trialed for 12 years
  • Minimum application thickness 6mm
  • Always use a tarpaulin to provide protection from direct sun and adverse conditions during application.

This is intended as a simple guide only and not a course on render application. It is assumed a competent trades person will refer to the appropriate standard required with regard to surface preparation and finish.

Jewels 4 Pools can be stored indefinitely. however the bags will perish if stored outside, uncovered and should be kept out of direct sunlight.
Geo polymer has a 12 month shelf life, unopened.

We deliver, a fee will apply.

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The use of Jewels 4 Pools will not infringe the rights of others.