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Get Durable Concrete Pool Finishes in Australia

Much like interior home design, the finish of a swimming pool can catapult a dreary outdated backyard design to a mecca of colour and class. The type of interior finish depicts the style of a pool or spa. While there are many concrete …read more.

Don’t Settle for an Outdated Concrete Pool Lining Products

As manufacturers move away from the traditional methods of concrete pool lining a new wave of products has appeared. The future for swimming pool renovation design includes a Geo Polymer that is long lasting and easy to apply. …read more.

Homeowners Design Unique High-Quality Glass Bead Pool Interior Finishes

As we move into a new era of backyard renovation, homeowners are turning modern and fashionable swimming pool interior finishes created with new technology. These exclusive glass bead pool surfaces are durable and promise years of …read more.

How to Get a Glass Pebble Pool Finish in Australia

You’ve seen the incredible difference a glass pebble pool finish in Australia can make – instead of a boring liner, or plain concrete, you can wow your guests with a pool interior that truly showcases your pool and provides a stunning backdrop …read more.

Bolster Your Swimming Pool’s Appearance with a Glass Pebble Pool Finish in Brisbane

Most of us invest significant sums of cash into styling our home because it’s the place where we spend most of our relaxation time. If you can ensure your property’s interior and exterior puts a smile on your face every time you return …read more.

The Best Place to Get a Glass Finish Pebble Pool Perth

A gorgeous backyard pool is within your reach when you choose a pebble pool finish. Perth homeowners have seen the incredible difference a pool rendering with glass pebbles from JEWELS 4 POOLS can make. To truly get a sense of the …read more.

The Benefits of a Glass Pebble Pool Finish in Sydney

Nowadays, encouraging the kids to remain active instead of sitting inside the house with their eyes glued to a computer or a phone screen can be a nightmare. You might have tried everything to get your children into sports or outdoor …read more.

Why You Should Learn More about Our Glass Pebble Pool Finish

If you’re thinking about giving your home a makeover, you might be focusing much of your attention on your outdoors given that summer is just around the corner. We Australians are famous the world over for our love of the outdoors, and …read more.

Local Business Offers Top Quality Glass Pebble Swimming Pool Finishes in Australia

When you’re considering a backyard remodel, don’t forget to invest in refurbishing the interior of the swimming pool. Some people become overwhelmed during a yard or deck renovation and forget about the potential of a beautiful …read more.

Keep the Colour and Vibrancy of Your Pool Interior with Custom Swimming Pool Finishes in Brisbane

Colour fading is one of the biggest issues that swimming pool owners face. On the one hand, a coloured pool interior can add aesthetic and charm to your swimming pool. A blue or green interior makes your swimming pool look unique and …read more.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home with Custom Swimming Pool Finishes in Perth

Almost every Perth citizen has ambitions to find a job in a lucrative industry where they can climb the ladder and exploit the benefits of life with a decent salary, and when you do land those well-earned promotions, you’ll probably want …read more.

Get a Custom Swimming Pool Finish That Will Stand the Test of Time: Call Sydney’s JEWELS 4 POOLS Today

Choosing the right finish for your swimming pool typically involves weighing several different factors depending on which matters most to you. You will need to consider price, aesthetics, texture, and longevity. Because there are so many …read more.

Get the Perfect Colour and Look for Your Swimming Pool, with Custom Pool Interior Finishes

A high-quality swimming pool can be more than just a place to entertain or cool off on a hot summer day. Indeed, your swimming pool can also be a gorgeous design feature—a centrepiece to the backyard or patio area that ties everything else …read more.

Give Your Pool a More Comfortable Finish with Interior Pool Designs and Finishes from JEWELS 4 POOLS

At the end of a sweltering day, there’s nothing quite like coming home and jumping into the swimming pool. If there’s one flaw with the average residential pool, though, it’s the pool interior. The floors and walls of many pools are …read more.

Jewelled Pebble Swimming Pool Surfacing in Australia

A swimming pool or hot tub can add an inviting, aesthetic component to your backyard. While most homeowners would love to refurbish their swimming pools, sometimes the price stands in the way of progress. At JEWELS 4 POOLS, we offer …read more.