Get Durable Concrete Pool Finishes in Australia

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Much like interior home design, the finish of a swimming pool can catapult a dreary outdated backyard design to a mecca of colour and class. The type of interior finish depicts the style of a pool or spa. While there are many concrete pool finishes to choose from, some remain popular such as tile, aggregate and plaster finishes.

The various types of finishes allow for a vast array of colours, textures, and materials. Homeowners can choose from a traditional white or ivory plaster or kick it up a notch using glittering glass tiles or a rainbow mixture of pebbles and iridescent glass beads.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing pool, constructing a new one, or beginning the renovation of an entire backyard, the concrete pool finish you choose will have a noteworthy influence on the design aesthetic and ultimate appeal. It’s important to consider each of the different interior finish options and explore which option may suit your needs and design goals.

Ten Years ago, we realised that using 100% crystal pool aggregates yielded an incredibly durable and easy to apply finish. At JEWELS 4 POOLS, our glass aggregate product is sold directly from the manufacturer, so you are guaranteed top quality service. Our product is guaranteed never to fade, providing years of colour and enjoyment.

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