Don’t Settle for an Outdated Concrete Pool Lining Products

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As manufacturers move away from the traditional methods of concrete pool lining a new wave of products has appeared. The future for swimming pool renovation design includes a Geo Polymer that is long lasting and easy to apply.

Geo Polymer is a material that was designed as an additive for pool renders that contained glass. Most Geo Polymer can be mixed with white cement to create a concrete pool lining. The idea is that the geopolymer substance mixture will ensure a hard-wearing adhesive for swimming pool interior liners.

While there are many Geo Polymer mixes on the market, the JEWELS 4 POOLS product offers superior quality at an affordable price. Also, we provide more adhesion, minimum application, reduced permeability, and extended wear.

Years ago, we discovered that there were significant defects in the traditional materials used for concrete pool lining. These defective products resulted in fractures, de-lamination and glass breaking away from the surface. Since these types of defects are not indicative of our products, it’s important to check your sales receipt should you experience these consequences. This will help you determine that you received the correct product.

At JEWELS 4 POOLS, our products offer a 100% crystal finish that doesn’t rely on the oxide to retain the colours. The colours are in the beads used and thus never fade. Also, our product is easy to use and maintain for a lifetime of quality colour.

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