Keep the Colour and Vibrancy of Your Pool Interior with Custom Swimming Pool Finishes in Brisbane

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Colour fading is one of the biggest issues that swimming pool owners face. On the one hand, a coloured pool interior can add aesthetic and charm to your swimming pool. A blue or green interior makes your swimming pool look unique and welcoming, and can turn it from a swimming spot into an attractive backyard water feature. Unfortunately, in most types of pool interiors, the vibrancy of the colour can only last for so long. With swimming pool finishes in Brisbane from JEWELS 4 POOLS, you can enjoy vibrant colours for longer, thanks to our unique finishing technique.

Why Colour Fading Occurs

Before we talk about why JEWELS 4 POOLS is the ideal custom pool finish in Brisbane, let’s look at the factors that tend to bring about colour fading in the first place.

In swimming pools, there are two primary causes of colour loss in a pool interior. The first is sunlight. An outdoor pool especially gets a lot of sun on any given summer day. Over time, the exposure to ultraviolet rays takes its toll, dulling the richness of the pool’s colour. The second cause is pool chemicals. Chlorine is essential to keeping swimming pools clean and sanitary, but it is also a bleach. Over time, it stands to reason that exposure to chlorine would dull the colour of a swimming pool liner or finish.

These colour draining effects are largely universal across different kinds of pool interiors. If you are looking for non-fading pool finishes in Brisbane, definitely steer clear of vinyl pool liners. Vinyl liners are cheap and easy and often come in nice colour variations or with cool designs. However, over time, a vinyl liner will slowly lose its colour, until it ends up completely white. In fact, ‘slowly’ might not even be an accurate word to use here, since vinyl liners typically lose a significant amount of their colour in the first five years.

The issue isn’t quite as pronounced with concrete or fibreglass pools. Both types of pools will retain their colour finishes for eight or ten years, depending on the level of sunlight exposure. Eventually, though, these finishes will fade to white, as well.

Finding Non-Fading Swimming Pool Finishes in Brisbane

When you get a custom pool finish in Brisbane, you probably think a lot about colour, design, and aesthetic. Simply put, you want something that matches your vision. Unless you are planning on moving soon, you also probably want your pool to align with your vision for more than a few years. The question is, how can you enjoy a coloured finish in your swimming pool without dealing with the natural effects of fading?

At JEWELS 4 POOLS, we can provide non-fading pool finishes in Brisbane. Instead of using vinyl liners, concrete or fibreglass, we craft our pool finishes out of 100% genuine crystal glass beads. These beads are available in hundreds of different colours and are not susceptible to the usual fading effects of sunlight or chlorine. As a result, it’s possible to have a swimming pool from us that looks brand new 10, 20 or even 30 years after you installed the finish.

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