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Choosing the right finish for your swimming pool typically involves weighing several different factors depending on which matters most to you. You will need to consider price, aesthetics, texture, and longevity. Because there are so many options for pool finishes—ranging from plaster to tile to different types of aggregate—this process can be lengthy and involved. At JEWELS 4 POOLS, though, we think we have the perfect custom pool finish for your Sydney swimming pool.

Our pool finishes in Sydney fall into the aggregate category. Using a GEO polymer and a cement matrix, we create beautiful, artful arrangements of crystal glass beads to line the walls and floors of our swimming pools. This pool finish is gorgeous and smooth, but it is also incredibly durable. If you are looking for a pool finish that will truly stand the test of time—smart if you want to avoid extensive and expensive maintenance procedures—a JEWELS 4 POOLS finish might be just right for you.

Why JEWELS 4 POOLS Finishes Last

If there’s a sticking point with most types of swimming pool finishes, it’s that they simply don’t last. Plaster finishes are cheap but as susceptible to cracking. Aggregate finishes last longer, but there is always the risk of stones or beads coming loose. Tiles can fade, stain, crack or suffer from grouting damage.

With a custom pool finish from Sydney’s JEWELS 4 POOLS, you won’t be worrying about any of the common longevity concerns of swimming pool finishes. The beads we use for our finishes are 100% genuine crystal and are extremely durable. Our beads don’t crack like other types of glass pool finishes often do. As a result, they last longer.

Our GEO polymer, meanwhile, eliminates the common risks of installing an aggregate pool finish. GEO polymer is a highly modified polymer additive that we specifically designed for use with glass beads and cement in swimming pool interiors. It greatly improves adhesion, durability, and workability. Because of this polymer, we can ensure that every glass bead will stay put in the cement matrix. Indeed, this product has been thoroughly tested throughout the years, and the durability is well proven. You won’t have to worry about loose beads damaging the aesthetic of the pool or causing problems for your filter system or pool vacuum.

Customise Your Glass Swimming Pool Finishes in Sydney

If you need to install a new pool finish for your Sydney swimming pool, it only makes sense to invest in something that will last. A JEWELS 4 POOLS glass beaded finish fits the bill. Best of all, you can customise your pool finish, so that it gives off the exact look you want. We can match colours for our beads and offer our customers hundreds of colours and combinations. To learn more about our custom pool finishes in Sydney, give us a call on 1300 664 641.