Get the Perfect Colour and Look for Your Swimming Pool, with Custom Pool Interior Finishes

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A high-quality swimming pool can be more than just a place to entertain or cool off on a hot summer day. Indeed, your swimming pool can also be a gorgeous design feature—a centrepiece to the backyard or patio area that ties everything else together. At JEWELS 4 POOLS, we offer customised swimming pool interior finishes to help homeowners turn their pools into stunning water features.

Our Pool Finishes

JEWELS 4 POOLS has a reputation throughout Australia for our beaded glass swimming pool finishes. These interiors use glass beads that are 100% pure crystal. The extremely high quality of the materials we use ensures that our pool finishes have an unrivalled shine to them. When the sunlight catches a beaded interior, you’ll think your pool is glowing.

In short, JEWELS 4 POOLS is the perfect place to start if you want to make your swimming pool into something aesthetically pleasing. Let our crystal glass technique be the cornerstone of your custom pool finish.

Where does the ‘custom’ factor come into play, you might ask? That part of the equation is all about colour. Frankly, any crystal swimming pool finish from JEWELS 4 POOLS will look gorgeous. However, if you have a specific colour in mind, we can help you achieve that.

Perhaps you want your swimming pool to match the radiant blue of the Pacific Ocean on a clear summer day. Or maybe your backyard area has a black colour theme that you want to match. No matter what colour hue you have in mind, JEWELS 4 POOLS can customise something to suit your vision. We can tailor our colours, honing our 100% crystal beads until they match your preferred colour and shade.

Best of all, unlike some coloured swimming pool interior finishes, ours don’t fade. Even after years of exposure to water, chlorine and UV rays from the sun, our coloured beads retain their deep and vibrant hues. You simply can’t expect the same kind of colour resiliency from a swimming pool liner, or even from most types of pool tiling. Simply put, our crystal finishes are one of a kind.

Start-Customising Your Swimming Pool Finishes Today

Any well-maintained swimming pool will appeal to guests, add value to your home and give you a good place to spend scorching summer afternoons. A pool with a custom pool finish, though, will tie in perfectly to your deck, patio area, or backyard. It will complement the other colours in your pool area and make for a stylish spot to spend time. It will wow your guests and make them want their own custom finished swimming pools. In short, it will take a good swimming pool and make it a great swimming pool.

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