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At the end of a sweltering day, there’s nothing quite like coming home and jumping into the swimming pool. If there’s one flaw with the average residential pool, though, it’s the pool interior. The floors and walls of many pools are rough and bumpy. It’s all too easy to scratch yourself on the abrasive surface. Walking around the pool for more than a few minutes, meanwhile, is enough to make your feet feel raw.

What if there was an interior pool design that was easier on the hands and feet? Something smooth that was comfortable to walk on for hours at a time? Something that wouldn’t make your feet feel sore, or leave your children with their feet feeling raw and tender?

JEWELS 4 POOLS: Your Source for Smooth Pool Interior Finishes throughout Australia

When you work with JEWELS 4 POOLS for a designer pool interior, you get a finish that is easier on your feet and more attractive to boot! We are the number one seller of glass pool interiors in Australia for our beaded glass pool designs. We make sure that every single glass bead we use in a pool interior finish is 100% smooth, for maximum comfort and pool enjoyment. We then mix the beads with a GEO polymer and cement matrix, to create the designer glass beading interiors that we know are excellent for pools.

If there is a reservation that prospective customers have for our unique pool interior finishes, it’s that the beads won’t stay in place forever. Obviously, the last thing you want is for beads from your pool finishing to come loose and clog your filter. Luckily, our GEO polymer technology ensures that each glass bead stays in the cement matrix where it’s supposed to be.

Beads that stay in place is just one hallmark of the quality of JEWELS 4 POOLS. Unlike some other companies or installers that do glass pool interior designs, our interiors utilise genuine crystal beads. As a result, our glass beads are extremely durable and highly unlikely to break, chip or crack.

If we use coloured beads in your installation, you can also rely on the beads to retain their colour. Our pool interior finishes are guaranteed never to fade. They don’t stain, either.

The bottom line is that JEWELS 4 POOLS interior pool designs stand the test of time. Even after years of use, your glass designer pool interior should look and feel as flawless as it does on day one.

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Perhaps you want a smoother pool interior finish, to save your feet from the scratching and scraping of concrete interiors. Maybe you just want your next pool interior installation to be your last. Either way, the smooth, durable, and gorgeous designer pool interiors we offer at JEWELS 4 POOLS are right up your alley. To learn more about our pool interiors, give us a call today on 1300 664 641.