Homeowners Design Unique High-Quality Glass Bead Pool Interior Finishes

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As we move into a new era of backyard renovation, homeowners are turning modern and fashionable swimming pool interior finishes created with new technology. These exclusive glass bead pool surfaces are durable and promise years of colourful appeal.

Long gone are the days of the traditional ivory plaster pool finishes. Now, instead of choosing the usual, simplistic pool finishes created from a standard white plaster, homeowners prefer to adorn their backyard with glistening pools of glass beads.

With such a wide array of finishes to choose from, it makes sense that pool owners would want to explore the many pool interior finish options on the market to analyse which products may best suit their situation.

When you are looking for a more even alternative to a rough pebble glass bead pool finish, you may wish to consider the look of a colourful glass bead pool interior finish. The smooth beads display a radiance that only the highest quality pigmented glass beads can portray.

Local Company Creates Durable Aggregate Pool Finishes

As Australia’s leading seller of an exclusive aggregate pool finish product, JEWELS 4 POOLS offer a range of designer and custom colours to create a truly unique glass bead interior finish that your neighbours will envy. Years of testing support our GEO polymer technology, and our products ensure that the glass remains in the cement without coming loose.

We offer affordable, smooth, and colourful glass bead pool finishes that transcend the architectural trends making your pool is as distinct as your preferences. Using varied patterns of colour and texture, the resulting and innovative hue will render your pool finish one of a kind.

Our glass bead pool finishes are exceptional as the colour of the finish becomes lusher over time. With an aggregate pool finish, you will note a striking beauty and revel in the long-lasting durability. The key is using a product that has the proper combination of chemistry yielding an easy to maintain glass bead pool interior finish that remains as beautiful as it is sturdy.

Renovate Your Pool with a Colourful Beaded Interior Finish

When you wish to give your pool a durable makeover, don’t settle for the traditional white surface finish. Now you can create a virtual rainbow of vibrant colours using our 100% pure crystal pool finish product. As a direct manufacturer, our product is proven to be safe and non-toxic, as well as built to last. Our premier processing and packaging allows for extensive use as there is no maximum shelf life for our product.

With stunning colours and extended durability, our pool surface geopolymer product is guaranteed never to fade and will provide a lifetime of brilliant colours. Imagine using a product with photoluminescence that allows your pool or hot tub to glow in the dark. Our proven technology product allows 100’s of applications for pools, ponds and gardens. To ensure you receive our product in lieu of an imposter, check for the JEWELS 4 POOLS name on your sales contract.