The Benefits of a Glass Pebble Pool Finish in Sydney

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Nowadays, encouraging the kids to remain active instead of sitting inside the house with their eyes glued to a computer or a phone screen can be a nightmare. You might have tried everything to get your children into sports or outdoor exploration only to find they’re more interested in talking to their friends online than being in the garden. However, if you install a swimming pool, you’ll likely find that the challenge switches from ungluing their eyes from the screen to persuading them to dry off, but it’s essential to ensure your pool appeals to you just as much as the youngsters.

You need your swimming pool to reflect your preferences in style because, after all, it’s the focal point of your garden. Borders, balustrades, and lights can improve your pool’s aesthetic appeal, but none of those decorations makes your pool stand out. If you want to make your pool look unique and suited to your lifestyle, you might be interested in learning more about our pebble pool finish in Sydney. With a broad selection of off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom-made products to choose from, you can feel confident that we have the perfect glass pebble pool finish for you.

At JEWELS 4 POOLS, we can make your swimming pool look unique and luxurious, just as we have done for thousands of homeowners across Australia since opening the doors to our business over ten years ago. We have glass pebble pool finishes in a broad range of colours, designs and styles, and should you wish to inject some originality into your outdoors, our professionals will be happy to create a custom product that will exceed your expectations. Keep reading below to learn more about the advantages of having a glass pebble pool in Sydney.

Beautify Your Swimming Pool

In most situations, new pools look amazing and act as a proud focal point in your garden, but it doesn’t take long for their quality to deteriorate. Even if you stay on top of swimming pool maintenance and keep the water clean, your pool’s surfaces can fade in colour over time, making them appear bland, uninviting, and cheap. However, glass pebbles, provided you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, will endure for years without becoming loose or fading in colour.

We only use the highest grade materials to construct our luxurious glass pebbles, and we seal them in place using our own unique GEO polymer. In addition to keeping your pool’s surfaces safe as well as attractive, our polymer prevents any chemical reactions from taking place that could cause the pebbles to lose their colour. If you want to make a small change to your pool that will have a significant impact, then our glass pebble pool finish is the perfect product for you.

You’ll Adore Your Pebble Pool in Sydney

Even though our products are superior to our competitors regarding quality and style, we remain one of the most competitively priced companies in our industry. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at JEWELS 4 POOLS to learn more about our manufacturing process, and you’ll soon understand that we make products guaranteed to stand the test of time.