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When you’re considering a backyard remodel, don’t forget to invest in refurbishing the interior of the swimming pool. Some people become overwhelmed during a yard or deck renovation and forget about the potential of a beautiful pool to completely transform their yard into a stunning oasis. Even if you install a new veranda, attractive potted plants and lay new sod, all those improvements won’t matter if you don’t renovate the swimming pool as well.

The 21st Century homeowner has a variety of choices when they remodel a pool or hot tub. They can utilise a popular glass pebble swimming pool finish, or choose a more traditional pebble interior swimming pool surface. Each of these textured surfaces can make a significant impact on the aesthetics of your pool and overall yard.

With the right finish, it’s possible to transform a standard pool or hot tub into an artistic statement piece. The pool finishes vary in durability, appearance and cost and the needs will vary depending on the size of the area to you wish to refurbish.

Local Business Reforms Ageing Pools with Durable Pebble Swimming Pool Finishes

As Australia’s number 1 top seller of pebble interior swimming pool surface products, JEWELS 4 POOLS products offer a way to design swimming pools as unique as the owner. There are many finish options for swimming pool interiors to include aggregate, crystal, tile, and pebble. Our products are exceptional in that they provide a permanent non-fading colour that is soft to the touch and easy to maintain. Also, they don’t have to rely on the oxide during processing for the colour as the pebbles already provide unique colours naturally.

When hiring your contractor to install the JEWELS 4 POOLS products, be sure you have our name on your sales contract. Some imposters trick homeowners into believing that they have our products as a pebble swimming pool finish in their pools, only to find out that the product used was not ours. This deceit results in cracking, de-lamination and glass deteriorating from the surface. Since these defects are not indicative of our products, it’s essential to check your sales receipt should you experience these types of consequences. This will help you determine that your contractor installed the correct product.

Glass Pebble Swimming Pool Products in Australia

Well-liked and lasting pebble swimming pool finishes is an exposed aggregate texture that integrates pebbles, glass beads or stones into the pool plaster to add visual appeal and permanency. The exposed aggregate pool finishes typically have a long lifespan of up to 20 years. The reaction between the chemicals and the aggregate compounds are credited for the extended durability.

For over 30 years, we have been working with render formulations and developed and tested our products to alleviate the common and possible adverse reactions due to mixing. Unlike other products on the market, JEWELS 4 POOLS is not a hybrid combination that includes other clays or aggregates which may alter the substance before use. Why not give our fantastic crystal finish a try? Call us on 1300 664 641 for a consult today.