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Having the benefit of 30 years experience behind us:

  • We are well aware of the ongoing commitment required with construction.
  • We are also well aware of the various problems that accompany the final procedures.
  • Our products are specifically designed to reduce risk and time arising from call back.


Too many products are available these days that require a very detailed application and handover procedure, ranging from preparation to final balance. In order to reduce considerable product risk we recommend only high quality inorganic metal pigments be used to colour the cement portion of the render.. As you may be aware the fastidious maintenance required for this type of coloured render does not always prevent problems arising eg, fading, staining, calcium scale and ingression. It should be made clear to clients that if they require an oxide JEWELS 4 POOLS cannot guarantee this part of the finish will never fade. Jewels 4 Pools.

Please let us recommend our product be used with white or off white cement only, for the following reasons. We also strongly recommend the use of Geo Polymer.

  • You can GUARANTEE the resulting finish will never fade, EVER.
  • Geo Polymer will reduce tradesperson callback.
  • The final acid wash is very straight forward. No streaking and a minimal health risk with a 20 to 1 ratio.
  • The removal of stains after fill can be carried out with a half a cup or so of granulated chlorine applied direct without affecting the finish.
  • Straight forward and simple handover with minimal ongoing requirements for your client. Handover should incorporate a sequestering agent to reduce calcium build-up and staining. Add this according to instruction. Salt should not be used for the first month.

Jewels 4 Pools is, in every way, as tough as the old 6mm Coff’s Harbour gold aggregate. For those of you who remember. These are just a few of the benefits that make Jewels 4 Pools so easy to sell and upgrade. We should also mention that there is no value adding with our product. You get 100% pure crystal in every 20 kg bag. Better still using or selling our product will not infringe the rights of others.