Jewels 4 Pools

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  • Stunning
  • Totally safe, non toxic
  • 100% pure crystal
  • No value Adding or bulking up
  • Direct from manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor
  • Extensive use world wide
  • Proven durability
  • Guaranteed never to fade, ever
  • No maximum shelf life
  • 100′s of applications. POOLS, GARDENS, PONDS and many more
  • Available in grades up to 20mm
  • Specific grading for pool renders
  • 100′s of colours and combinations to choose from
  • Photo luminescent aggregates (glow in the dark) many uses including pool interiors
  • Jewels 4 pools can be supplied in specific grades from 1-20mm.
  • Jewels 4 pools is selectively graded especially for lining in grades of 1-3mm & 3-5mm.
  • Special orders on request.

Geo Polymer

Geo Polymer is a specifically designed polymer additive for pool renders especially those containing glass. We recommend the use of our state of the art Geo Polymer with any combination requiring additions of more than 30% crystal. It can be used with white or off white cements.geopolymer250 Our Geo Polymer has been developed specifically for use with our crystal incorporating state of the art technology and non toxic additives. Available in 20lt pales.
When used as recommended Jewels 4 Pools will increase

  • Adhesion
  • Significantly improve workability of pool renders
  • Geo Polymer has been trialed for 12 years
  • Minimum application thickness 6mm
  • Greatly increase acid and chloride resistance
  • Greatly reduced permeability

Jewels 4 Pools can be stored indefinitely. however the bags will perish if stored outside, uncovered and should be kept out of direct sunlight.
Geo polymer has a 12 month shelf life, unopened.