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A gorgeous backyard pool is within your reach when you choose a pebble pool finish. Perth homeowners have seen the incredible difference a pool rendering with glass pebbles from JEWELS 4 POOLS can make. To truly get a sense of the visual impact, you can take a quick tour of our Gallery photos, and get a glimpse of just some of the myriad of options we offer.

With the ability to customise the colour so that it coordinates with your other outdoor décor, our pebble pool rendering is a perfect fit for any size outdoor pool. Featuring a GEO polymer specifically designed for use with glass beads and cement in swimming pool interiors, our pebble pool finish is an affordable way to bring some glamour and an extra dose of beauty to your pool.

What Makes a Pebble Pool Sparkle in Perth?

When we say that our beaded pool interior will not fade or discolour, we mean it. We have developed a product that boasts the important features you want a long-lasting pool interior to have – it’s colourful, durable, soft to the touch, and looks like a million dollars. You can get the look of a luxury pool for much less when you use JEWELS 4 POOLS. It’s all thanks to our special GEP polymer technology that keeps the glass firmly embedded in the concrete mixture without risk of falling out. Unlike inferior products that can stain, fall out, or are hard on the feet, our stunning products will create an incredible pebble pool in your Perth backyard.

You’ll be amazed at how good it feels on your feet, how the glass beads capture the light (literally in the case of our photoluminescent aggregates) and reflect it back for a look you can only get with JEWELS 4 POOLS.

Not only will your pool look fantastic, but there’s no chance that the coloured beads will dislodge. Many people are worried that the beads could clog up and damage their filter system—but rest assured that won’t happen with our glass pebble pools.

Simple Maintenance

Every pool needs maintenance, even pools with basic concrete interiors. The maintenance needed for your glass pebble pool in Perth is minimal and worth the bit of time required to ensure a lovely pool for years to come. The most important part of the maintenance process is during the initial curing time (about 28 days). After that our pool interiors require the same care that you would take with a standard pool. Don’t risk your pool trying an inferior product, use JEWELS 4 POOLS to create a stunning centrepiece for your yard. Trust us when we say that your glass pebble pool in Perth will stand out and be admired by all. Your eyes will love it, and so will your feet, as the finished product is incredibly soft to the skin.

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