Jewelled Pebble Swimming Pool Surfacing in Australia

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A swimming pool or hot tub can add an inviting, aesthetic component to your backyard. While most homeowners would love to refurbish their swimming pools, sometimes the price stands in the way of progress. At JEWELS 4 POOLS, we offer the highest quality; luxury pebble pool surface finishes at affordable prices.

Our unique and durable pebble pool surfaces can transform your swimming pool into an ornamental pond of beauty. As Australia’s top seller of jewelled pool surfacing products, we know the value of a beautiful and lasting pool surface product. Our unique glass aggregate mixture is a singular pebble pool surface because it is constructed using a secret formula that uses a unique additive of modified Polymer and therefore is only available through our company.

Also, we can fully customise colours for our clients, rendering their swimming pools as unique as they are. With tailor-made colours and an affordable price, we offer homeowners a way to renovate a jaded swimming pool into a virtual work of art.

Transform your Backyard with Jewelled Swimming Pool Surfaces

When it comes to your backyard swimming pool or spa, there’s no need to stick with a traditional aggregate finish. Now, you can modify your garden with a pool that has an interior finish fit for Kings at a reasonable price. We offer a custom product that creates long-lasting, colourful swimming pool surfaces that stand the test of time.

Using a distinctive 100% crystal finish, our products help you turn your pool or spa into a refuge that appeals to all your senses. Imagine stepping into your pool without the rough feel of customary pool interior finishes on your toes. Known as a smoother alternative to a traditional pebble pool finish, an array of colourful glass beads is carefully mixed with aggregate compounds to create a comfortable look and feel for swimming pool surfaces.

With a combination of intriguing glass beads and a tried-and-true technology, we have created a product that is durable and beautiful. We dutifully tested the product for eight years and are pleased to offer it for sale to our customers

The pool surfacing process creates a finish that is smooth to the touch and employs the highest quality of natural pigments to create truly breathtaking colours. There is no need to settle for subpar pebble pool finish surface as you can count on our 30 years of experience.

The Benefit of Experience to Create Stunning Pool Surfacing

As a company with a great deal of experience in the pool surfacing industry, we are keenly aware of the continuous commitment that ongoing construction demands. Our tenured staff has learned from the development of earlier products, and we can recommend a pool finish that is appropriate to your needs and renovation goals.

When you choose to install our JEWELS 4 POOLS products, it’s important to look for our product name on your sales contract. This will ensure that your finished pool surface will not suffer the known defect from other products such as peeling, cracking and beads falling out.