Warranty Information

Material – The supplier manufacture and supply 100% pure glass, guaranteed non-fade, coloured and non-coloured glass aggregates and Geo polymer modifiers for all types of renders for use in swimming pool interiors. The Supplier warrants that all products, at the time they are dispatched, are of merchantable quality, are fit for their proper purposes and comply with the Australian Consumer Law. These warranties do not in any way reduce or limit obligations of the client in relation to its pool construction works in workmanship, materials, completion or other matters related to their quality of pool construction.

Application – As a non-structural work we provide 24 months warranty on any defects associated with the interior that are not due to pool construction or poor care of surface by owner. Any damage to the interior caused by (but not limited to); not following correct start-up procedures, discoloured water, environmental factors, weather related events, natural disasters, negligence or vandalism is not considered a defect and not covered under this warranty.

As is the nature of all concrete pool shells that they will vary in porosity, this in some cases will cause uneven curing making it possible for colour variation. These variations are not accepted as a defect and we do not accept responsibility or liability for resultant variations.

The finish is hand applied and trowelled and as such minor defects are a fact of life. We will endeavour to correct any pool shell irregularities and variances but accept no responsibility for any defect or patchiness caused by issues in pool construction and renovation.

For this warranty to be valid the interior must be paid for in full, any outstanding amounts will void all warranty.

Jewels 4 Pools glass must be used in conjunction with Jewels 4 Pools polymer. Jewels 4 Pools accepts no responsibility for the use of any other polymer, glass product, pebble/aggregate used with our product.

This warranty is offered in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions.

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